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I am a freelance journalist, globetrotter and a former fashion model who fell in love with wines for their unique complexity and connection with the land. Wine stirs my curiosity and helps me to understand people and their nature better. Not only I am learning about the different climates and countries, where vines are grown, but also seing the passion with which people either grow, make or drink wine helps me to understand how a simple life and appreciation of the fruits of a human work can make one happy. I want to share my experience with you and help you out to get better oriented in the complex world of wines which I found immensely inspiring. I adore tradition and warmth of the people who dedicated their lives to wine. The history of wine reaches to the beginning of civilization so it has been part of men's life for as long as fire has! I will guide you through the wine regions with my short documentaries, interviews, pictures and writings and I hope you will get inspired by the sophisticated culture surrounding wine as it often elicits the passion standing behind wine appreciation!

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