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Chocolate heart good for your heart

Chocolate heart good for your heart

Here are some good and scientifically proved reasons why you should give or share chocolate with anyone you love (including yourself):

  • Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac making an ideal component in foods and treats shared by lovers.
  • Chocolate is an age-defying anti-oxidant and was coined as a “Super Fruit” with more pronounced positive effects on health than most of other fruits (with high nutritive value).
  • Chocolate contains substances called flavanols that were proved in a number of studies to lower blood pressure and the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • Chocolate can help you to fight the adverse effects of stress (by reducing levels of cortisol) and improve your metabolism.
  • Chocolate is tasty and loved by many people (if you read this you are surely interested in chocolate :-), not many of you read often about spinach) making it an ideal partner in your daily diet.

The darker the chocolate the more the above pros apply and of course you cannot eat the entire cake or box of truffles you got from your loved one for Valentines or another occasion (I think that if you love someone you do not need to show your love only on the Valentines day but spontaneously throughout the year + the more often you and your partner eat dark chocolate the better for you).

Chocolate Velvet Cake

Chocolate Velvet Cake


Quantity is the key, so have a slice of that yummy Velvet Chocolate Cake or a couple of brownie squares or a truffle or two and you will be good and set for a romantic soirée in two.

If you cannot for some reason bake, then choose from the widest selection than ever of the speciality chocolates made exclusively for the Valentine’s day or simply give your loved one the chocolate you have tried, loved and would love to share with him/her. Keeping in mind his/her taste preferences shows that you are not selfish and you are ready to share part of yourself (or at least your beloved treat).

Enjoy your Valentine today!


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