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Upscale steak tartare

Etoille restaurant is a must-go dining spot for a great food and wine lover visiting Napa Valley in California. The idea of wine and food matching has been exploited here to its maximum potential.

Chef: Perry Hoffman, son of the family originally owning the top Napa restaurant French Laundry.

Cuisine: Wine-inspired international

Visit: September 2010

Price: high

Atmosphere: The outside seating in the surroundings of luscious park is much better than the indoor conservative setting. One might feel like a fish in an aquarium overlooking an ocean. Staff is very friendly and informative as it should be in the right Michelin-stared establishment. If you dine outside you can wear anything you would for a wine tasting.

Seafood salad

Food: Creativity and innovation of mostly internationally popular dishes is the driving force of the chef’s cooking. Since the restaurant is located at the winery, the inspiration stems from wine and is directed by the wine’s flavors and suitability to pairing these two together. Everything feels so fresh and not heavy, even the sumptuous steak tartare is lighter when eaten with a glass of wine. Either the sommelier or the suggestion on the menu advices on the most suitable wine going with each dish. Since Domaine Chandon makes excellent sparkling wines I would recommend to start with a lighter dish such as seafood salad to tease your palate with a glass of one of their bubbles. Vegetables are mostly locally sourced as Napa is blessed with perfect climate for farming almost anything. The sea is not far so the seafood and fish are all fresh – no need to worry about food-poisoning. The chef creates original sauces delicious with almost anything he puts them on. His take on burrata with tomatoes was taste-buds-blowing. Sprouts enlivened this usually heavily creamy appetizer and just a slight touch of burrata left some space for a main course.

Burrata with colorful tomatoes

Drinks: One might worry about drinking only bubbles at a Moet Chandon project known mostly for its sparkling wines, but the opposite is true. The company owns many still wine producing wineries such as Newton in Napa so these feature on the list. The selection goes into a much wider stride though, with wines from various producers from all over the world ready for you in the restaurant’s cellar.

Domaine Chandon in Napa

Opening hours and Contact: Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm Thurs-Mon; Dinner: 6pm-9pm Thurs-Mon; Tel: (+1) 888 242 6366 Opt. 2

Address: 1 California Drive, Yountville, CA 94599, USA


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