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Wine and music? A perfect couple – at least according to a musician and proprietor of Gargiulo vineyards Jeff Gargiulo. His Italian roots manifested themselves in his tomato plantation and a beautiful vineyard. Now he can feel like at ‘home’ in Napa. He even played some rhythms on his guitar and sung for us. Don’t worry I am not singing, just smiling and enjoying the perfectly ripe atmosphere surrounded by vines and superb tones.

Winery website: http://www.gargiulovineyards.com/

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I interviewed a passionate proprietor of the Martin Estate Greg Martin about his Cabernet Clones and his own ‘Chateau d’Yquem‘. Did it measure up to this top Sauternes? Watch this video and you will find the answer (according to my palette).

Winery website: http://www.martinestate.com/


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Owned by a family with Argentinian roots, this winery is a state of the art operation where sophisticated wine making techniques such as using of gravity ensure that the Palmaz wines are capable of competing with the world’s top wines from the Old World.

I talked to Florencia Palmaz, one of the proprietors, about her Argentinian family endeavour in winemaking in Napa.

The skilled hand of our cameraman Fernando Orozco captured all corners of this fascinating winery.

Winery website: http://www.palmazvineyards.com/

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